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body weight exercises and weight training exercises

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I have selected some weight training exercises (using dumbbells, barbells and weight machines) and exercises using your own body as weight and all are listed by body part.

No matter what your fitness goals are: staying in shape, strengthening your body, building muscle and strength or bodybuilding, each of the below listed exercises are a perfect fit for any workout. I have tried to describe for you in full detail the proper way to perform each exercise with variations of each in an easy to understand, step-by-step and coherent manner. I have also added exercise videos to most of the exercises described below. 

Abs and Obliques
ab crunches
ab workouts with exercise balls
best abs exercises
obliques exercise (standing)
ab crunches video
all-in-one abdominal exercise
oblique crunch video
abdominal exercise with leg extension video
ab bicycle crunch

close-grip lat pulldown with handles or chinning handle
lat pulldown - on FreeMotion matchine
wide pulldown on Iso Hammer Strength machine
divergent lat pulldown using Matrix machine
straight up pull-ups
seated pulley rowing
t-bar rowing
lower back extension
one arm bent-over row
back exercise for muscle definition

Biceps weight training exercises using dumbbells,  barbells and exercise machines. Biceps
incline dumbbell biceps curl on bench
biceps curl on Hammer Strength machine
various different bicep curls exercises
alternative bicep curl
hammer bicep curl + video
barbell bicep curl
standing barbell biceps curl with selfie video

chest pull-ups - wide, medium, close grip
wide chest press on Iso Hammer Strength machine
incline chest press on Hammer Strength machine
hammer chest press with selfie video
isolated incline chest press - on Iso Hammer Strength machine

close-grip chest press on Hammer Strength machine
cable crossovers chest exercise - 2 variations
chest crossovers with selfie exercise video
hammer chest press - with variations on FreeMotion machine
incline hammer chest press - with dumbbells
flat, incline, decline dumbbell presses
cable crossovers

Shoulders (Trapezius and Deltoid muscles)
dumbbell shoulder press
shoulder press - close-grip and wide-grip on Hammer Strength
straight up pull-ups
Arnold press
rotator cuff
upright cable row
hammer shoulder press - close-grip with dumbbells
perfecting the form for the shoulder press
side laterals raise

wrist curls

standing calf raises
dumbbell lunges

triceps exercises
reverse grip ticeps pulldown
v shape in triceps muscles

Glute Muscles
butt exercises
gute exercise on LifeFitness machine

Full body weight training exercises. Full Body Exercises - Bodyweight Exercises
pull-ups with video - wide, medium and narrow grips
3 multiple muscle exercises - pull-ups, chest crossover, standing barbell biceps curl
straight up pull-ups - for shoulders and back (lats)
hanging pull-ups
renegade dumbbell rows
woodchopper - lose love handles
dumbbell swing
full body exercises (low to high chop)
shoulders and legs workout

Workouts for Women
strength and cardiovascular training

Bosu workouts
core, upper and lower body

Pilates exercises and stretches
Pilates Introduction

Learn Yoga
Yoga positions

Free Fitness Ebooks
Lean Body Secrets ebook

Free Fitness Tools
Exercise, weight training workout sheets
- 7 day workout sheets by body part and blank sheets -

Complete How To Exercise Program Workouts
Complete Biceps Workout
Complete Abdominal Workout
A Shoulder Exercise Workout
Back Exercise Workout
How To Get An Amazing Chest Workout
A Complete Triceps Exercise Workout Program
Exercise program and workouts example
Codominium Gym Exercise Workouts

Consult our Fitness Articles for more in depth information on weight and fitness training, Yoga, Pilates, Running and other exercise and health topics.

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