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Biceps Curl Exercise on HammerStrength Machine

This is my favorite machine for biceps curls. It really does an amazing job at bulking up and working out the entire bicep.

Method of Performance:
  • Place the appropriate amount of weight plate(s) that you desire.
  • Adjust seat appropriately according to your height and arm length. The appropriate seating level is where the upper arm and elbow touch and hug the pad.
  • Grab the two handles at their mid-point. Make sure your elbows and arms are touching the pad. Your upper arms should always be touching the pad throughout the movement, do not lift them. The elbows may lift a little off the pad at the end of the bicep curl and that is ok.
  • Curl by bringing the handles towards you as far as it can go and then bring the handle down without locking your elbows and without straightening out your arms.
  • Repeat the movement.
  • Remember to breathe. Exhale as you curl and breathe in as you release.
  • Do about 4-5 sets of 12 repetitions.
  • It’s a good idea to stretch out the biceps in-between sets.
  • I also like to start off with a light set to warm-up the biceps muscles as my first set.

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