A Complete Triceps Workout Program

how to triceps exercise workout

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Here is my complete triceps workout program. This exercise program should give you strong and well-defined triceps muscles with that V-shaped look. I like to work out on my triceps in combination when I do my back workout. You can exercise them either on a separate day, with your biceps or with another body part. It all depends on how many times per week you exercise and your exercise or bodybuilding goals.

For those you who are just beginners, I suggest that you join a gym because a gym will offer you a plethora of fitness equipment to work with. Of course you can do these exercises at home too, but you will have to modify the various exercises with the fitness equipment that you have available.

Some of My Triceps Exercises

I basically like to do 3 to 4 triceps exercises per week and to vary these exercises from week to week. Here are some of the exercises you can choose from. I’ll mention them briefly. For a detailed description of many of these exercises you can find many of them on my exercise instruction directory page.

Triceps Press
I do this on the Triceps Press Machine and I’ll do about 4-5 sets of 12 repetitions.

Underarm/hand Triceps Extension
Using one of the cable pulley machines, basically I take a small flat bar and grasp the bar in the underhand position and extend my arms in a downward movement. I do about 4-5 sets and 12 repetitions. This exercise is a little bit more difficult to do so may want to lower the weights a little.

One-Arm Triceps Extension
Attach one of those square handles to a pulley machine. Using one arm at a time and grasping in the underhand position, you extend your arm. You can supinate at the end of the movement for a little variety and to hit the triceps muscles at a different angle. I like to do 4-5 sets at 12 repetitions and for this one and because it is a little more difficult to do the extension, I lower the weights substantially. It’s sort of a finishing touch exercise for your triceps so I would leave it for the end of any triceps workout. Also this exercise will give you that nice V-shape in your triceps muscles. Do about 4-5 sets and 12 repetitions

Overhand Triceps Extension
This is your standard triceps exercise. You can do this with a curved or straight bar, grasp the bar in the overhand position and press downwards. I like to do 4-5 sets at 12 repetitions.

Overhand Triceps Extension with a Rope
The same as the exercise with the bar but you are using a rope and you can also supinate at the end of the movement in the downward position. do about 4 sets and 12 repetitions

Overhead Triceps Extension with a Rope
Standing and grasping a rope in the overhead and behind your back position, you extend your arms outwards and you can also supinate at the end of the movement. Do about 4 sets and 12 repetitions

Overhead Triceps Extensioon with Dumbbell
Seated, you grasp 1 dumbbell with both hands in the overhead position and bring it down to a 90 degree angle. Do 4 sets and 12 repetitions.

To conclude, this exercise workout program should strengthen your triceps and give you that nice V-shape look. You can perform these exercises in any order and vary them up from time to time

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