Rotator Cuff Exercise
shoulder exercise - upright row

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This rotator cuff exercise is an exercise that I really like to do to for strengthening and sculpting purposes. It’s a difficult exercise to do so paying attention to form while performing each repetition is important.

How to do the Rotator Cuff Exercise

You can do this exercise standing or seated. Grab a couple of dumbbells. I suggest that you use light weights since this is a difficult exercise to perform.

Raise the dumbbells one in each hand over your head with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle (or as close as possible). In other words, the Super Man pose. This is your starting position.

Slowly bring the dumbbells to the level of your shoulders. Slowly return to the starting position with the dumbbells over your head. I do about 2 to 3 sets and about 15 repetitions per set on a bi-weekly basis.

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