Ab Crunches Exercise Video
Video demonstrating how to do ab (abdominal) crunch exercise

My Ab Crunches Video

Back in early September 2006, I created this ab crunch exercise video and I uploaded it to YouTube. It's a simple video that I filmed using my digital camera, but it shows you visually step-by-step how to do this stomach exercise.

The Ab Crunch is one of the most effective abdominal exercises that you can do and it can be done almost anywhere: at home, at the gym or when you're on holidays somewhere. You also do not require any equipment. Just some free time, dedication and the willingness to perform the exercise properly to achieve maximum results.

Many people do their abdominal exercises on machines or using an exercise ball, but I don't feel it's required. If you eat healthy foods and do the ab crunch 2 to 3 times per week in combination with a full-body workout (including cardio) and along with other abdominal exercises, you should have great looking abs.

Key points when you do this exercise:

- keep lower back always pressed against floor
- lift your only using abdominal muscles
- exhale as you raise yourself and inhale as you lower your abs

For a detailed text descripton on how to perform abdominal crunches, click here.

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