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I am going to discuss my back exercise workout that focuses on building size, strength and definition when working out the upper, lower and middle sections of your back.

One of the many benefits of really concentrating on your back when working out is that it gives you the V-look. This helps with your posture and gives you an amazing look. Plus, there are so many smaller muscles in you back that if you work them properly, you can achieve a very defined and muscular-looking back.

Yes the back is another one of my favorite areas to work out and I spend a lot of time targeting it. You should too! It’s a big muscle group and there are so many smaller muscles that are inter-connected. It’s no wonder that it takes some time to exercise them all. I’m going to briefly discuss my back workout. You can use it too or incorporate aspects of it into your workout. I find that it’s better to create a custom back workout for yourself that works best for you and not just copy what someone else is doing.

First of all, I like to start my back workouts with the behind-the-back pull-down with a straight bar. You can substitute it with the frontal pull-down if you like. My next exercise is the close-grip pull-down. I use the handle for this and not a flat bar. You can use a flat bar if you like. When I do this exercise, I like to do the entire range of motion of the movement. Next I move on to the HammerStrength Seated Rowing Machine and I use the wide grip. This is another excellent exercise. I tend to do these three exercises on a regular basis, but I will vary them up as I desire for change.

The next two back exercises I will alternate every two weeks. The first one is the Bent Over Row. This I feel is an amazing back exercise which is both tough to do and it produces incredible results. The last back exercise is the seated row. I use it as the finishing touch with lower weight to especially really define the mid-section of my back.

The two other back exercises that I will alternate the Bent Over Row and the Seated Row with are the following… The first is the HammerStrength Seated High Row using the close-grip option. Basically you grip the handles above your head and pull it down towards your lats. It’s basically an iso-lateral movement working your back muscles from a different angle. My last back exercise is the Nautilus Nitro Compound Rowing Machine which is also an excellent machine.

This is just a summary of my back exercise workout in which I try to build both size, strength and definition when exercising my upper, middle and lower sections of the back. I feel that the key to working out your back is to slow down your movements, to perform the entire range of motion and increase your weights over time.

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