Alternative Bicep Curl Exercise
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How to do this Biceps Exercise Using Dumbbells
Video and Text

This biceps curl focuses and concentrates on working out your biceps from an alternative angle - you begin the movement at your side and you bring in the weight towards your chest, midsection. It’s a variation of the traditional concentration curl. I suggest you try it and incorporate it once in a while into your workout.

This bicep curl is also a little tougher to do with heavy dumbbell weights therefore I like to use lighter weights for this exercise.

Method of Performance

You begin with the dumbbells at your side but you curl them in towards your chest. I also like to do this exercise at a slower speed for maximum effect - to really focus and concentrate on the bicep from this different angle. It’s also a very simple exercise to do.

Watch the video demonstration that I have created for you below. It shows you how to perform this exercise.

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