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Condominium Gym Exercise Workouts

Most condos have a small gym included in the building. Depending on the age of the condo building and how luxurious it is, these gyms can range from very simple in nature to gyms that contain a lot of good equipment. Of course it cannot compare to a fitness club which contains a wide arrange of exercise equipment and many more options to workout.

For people looking to get a quick workout in or a workout that is convenient without leaving home, a gym in the condominium will be more than adequate. If you’re paying condo fees, why not use the gym in your building. Even if you have a gym membership, there may be times you may not have a chance or enough time to visit your gym so you can opt for a quick workout at your condo.

Condos usually come equipped with an all-purpose weight training exercise machine for your legs, chest, back and arms. With this basic equipment you can gain muscle and lose weight at the same time by working out intensely and working your muscles to fatigue, with short rests in between.

There’s a variety of basic different exercises that you can perform on this type of multi-purpose machine. For the legs there are leg presses and leg extensions. For the chest you can do chest presses using at most three different handle grasps, so you hit your pectorals from different angles and vary your workout. Using the pulley part of the machine you can do one-handed flies from different angles. For the back there are pulldowns from the front or behind and seated rows. For the shoulders you can do presses or upright rows using the pulley-machine. For the arms there are a wide assortment of exercises for your triceps and biceps using the pulley machine.

Your gym may also have a limited set of dumbbells which can also expand the types of exercises that are available to you or the condo gym may include the P90X workout system with an LCD TV monitor set up right there so that you can work out to the DVDs.

I have put together a short video of three exercises that I did at a friend’s condo gym with limited exercise equipment to demonstrate the purpose of this article. Plus, the exercise machines at this condominium was fairly new and in great working order. There is nothing worse than using poorly maintained or old exercise equipment! You end up not enjoying your workout and it turns out to be a waste of time.

The first exercise is a one-handed fly. I prefer doing this exercise as a crossover, but with this machine you can only do it single-handedly, one hand at a time. Also, you can do this exercise from various angles to hit your pectoral muscles differently and vary your weekly workout.

The second exercise is for your shoulders called an upright row. This is an excellent exercise and one of my favorites for sculpting and building your deltoid muscles. Plus the pulley machine provides for constant resistance!

The third exercise is the renegade dumbbell row. The video is self-explanatory. It’s an amazing exercise for your entire body including your back, arms and for tightening, toning your abdominals so that you can get that 6 pack abs look for the summer or any time of the year.

Some condo gyms may have exercise machines or even a studio where you can bring your own CDs or DVDs and do your cardio workout in an area that requires more space and no exercise machines.

To conclude, I have tried to show you how with the limited yet decent exercise equipment at condominiums you can actually get a great strength-training, muscle building and fat burning workout.

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