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I am going to discuss an example of a very effective and simple shoulder exercise workout with a number of different weight training exercises for the shoulders and a few variations to keep your workouts interesting and productive.

Besides exercising your back and chest, it’s important to designate a separate workout day for your shoulders. If you miss the odd shoulder workout, don’t worry because when you are exercising your back and chest there are times when you are indirectly working out your shoulders.

My shoulder exercise workout is ideal for both men and women. For men who are looking to build muscle or into bodybuilding, you just go with heavier weights. For women looking to strenghten and tone your shoulder muscles, just go with lighter weights and more reps or you may want to take a look at my 15 to 20 minute shoulders and legs exercise workout with video. It's more of a full-body workout more focused on toning as well as building muscle strength. Regardless of your fitness goals, this workout that I am going to describe below will give you beautifully scupted shoulder muscles.

First I like to start off with a heavier shoulder exercise. I begin with the Seated Shoulder Press on the HammerStrength machine. You can also do this exercise with dumbbells. I’ll begin with one light set to warm-up. Do about 4 to 5 sets and about 8 to12 reps. The amount of weight that you use will depend on your workout goals. I like to press the maximum weight that I can do.

Next I like to do an Upright Cable Row. Do about 4-5 sets and about 8 to12 reps. I do this on a pulley machine with a short straight bar because of the constant resistance on the positive and negative movement that the cables offer. You can also do it with a straight barbell.

The third exercise I like to do is the Dumbbell Side Lateral. Do about 4 to 5 sets and about 8 to12 reps. This exercise can be done with lower or slightly heavier weights. You can also perform this exercise on machines, but I feel it’s more effective with dumbbells. I will alternate this exercise every second week with the Front Dumbbell Raise for a little variety and to hit the muscles from different angles.

The fifth exercise I like to do is a Rotator-cuff Shoulder Exercise. This is more of a sculpting exercise and quite difficult to do. Therefore I use extremely light dumbbell weights and I will do 2 to 3 exercises at about 15 repetitions. Basically you grab two dumbbells and hold them at 90 degree angles above your head (arms bent) and you slowly rotate them to shoulder-level at 90 degrees and stop there and return to the starting position.

The last exercise is a Standing Shoulder Press say on a HammerStrength machine. Do about 4 to 5 sets and about 8 to12 reps. You can also do this with dumbbells. Sometimes I will alternate this last exercise with the Arnold Press or more often with a Close-Grip Seated Shoulder Press done on the Nautilus machine.

This is just one example of a shoulder exercise workout. There are plenty of shoulder exercises and sport-specific shoulder exercises that you can do and incorporate into your workout routine to make it more interesting and effective.

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