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Here is a detailed explanation along with some tips about how to do the bicycle crunch exercise for your abs. I have also included a few variations. It will help you to tone and strengthen your abs as well as build core endurance.  This is one of my favorite ab exercises because it works the entire body while still working out and focusing on the abs, obliques and core. This is one exercise along with proper nutrition that will help you to get those sexy abs and 6 pack abs.

I have also filmed a short video on the bicycle crunch which I have posted at YouTube. You can watch my demonstration video as I have embedded it on this webpage below.

Method of Performance

Lie flat on the floor with legs up and knees at 90 degree angle and your hands behind your head.

Bring your left knee to your right elbow. Do the same for the other side. Throughout both sides of this movement, your upper body will remain slightly raised from the floor using your abs and not your hands.

Determine the speed for this exercise. I like to do it at a fairly fast pace since I incorporate this exercise with other abdominal exercises. Consequently it adds a little variation to my stomach workout and it also gives me a little more of a cardio workout, but you can do it at a slower place to really focus on your abs.

Do anywhere from 30 to 40 repetitions for each side depending on the speed you do. If you are doing this exercise quickly, do 40 reps. For slower paces, I suggest 20.

1 to 2 sets per week is fine depending on what other exercises you do along with this one.


Bring your knees and elbows as closely together as you can this way you can work your oblique muscles more and it provides a better stretch and workout for your legs.

Don’t forget to breathe in as you bring your legs in and breathe out as you kick your feet out.


At the end of this exercise I like to hold each position (right and left) for about 30 seconds and then finish off by hold with your legs outstretched for 20 to 30 seconds. Just a couple of different ways to workout your abs and end this exercise.

Here is my video demonstration of the bicycle crunch for your abs.

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