Cable Crossover Exercise for the Chest
cable crossovers chest exercise

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This chest exercise using the cable pulley machines emphasizes primarily the outer, lower and inner pectorals. It is one of the best exercises for carving the pectoral muscles and creating beautiful chest definition! You can also do it with 2 dummbells, if you like.

A couple more reasons why I love this exercise:

1. Since it is done on the cable pulley machine, it provides you with constant resistance both on the positive and negative movements of the exercise.

2. Since you are not seated, you are using your legs, glutes and core for support. In effect, you are indirectly working these areas of your body and consequently, it turns into more of a full-body exercise.

Gyms have different types of workstations where you can do the cable pulley machine. Some gyms have multiple types of these workstations. The one that I am going to use has the handles at further distances apart allowing me for more choices and options as to how I stand and perform this exercise.

Performing the exercise

How you stand for this exercise is up to you. You can stand in the more upright position or in a half-way or fully bent-over position or a variation thereof - somewhere in between. You can also rotate between your chest workout days for the different standing positions. Just make sure that you maintain good body form - straight back, slightly bent elbows and bent knees with your knees over your toes.

In the fully bent-over position, which is what I prefer, I also find that you can use heavier weights thus it gives you a better workout for your chest and places more effort on the secondary muscles used in this exercise such as the legs, glutes and core.

Stand in between the two sides of the pulleys, grasping the handle with each hand with palms facing downwards. You may want to grab each handle one at a time (it is easier that way) and pull each side towards you as you grab hold of each handle.

Assume a bent-over position, stay fully bent-over with your knees at shoulder width apart and bent directly over your toes.

Simultaneously, you would bring the two handles inwards and downwards until they meet keeping both your elbows bent. This is in effect your starting position.

Slowly release the handles of the pulleys upwards and outwards in a semi-circular motion as far as they can go (well below shoulder height) while all the time keeping your elbows bent.  Hold for a couple of seconds.

Return to starting position and by bringing the handles inwards until they meet at the hands and repeat the movements.

Do about 3-5 sets, 10-12 reps. 1 first set can be a light set as a warm-up followed by 3-4 heavier sets.

Remember to breathe out as you bring the handles inwards and breathe out as you bring the handles outwards.

This exercise can also be done one arm at a time.

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