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How to do the Hammer Bicep Curl Exercise

Do you want pumped and amazing-looking, sculpted biceps?

The Hammer Bicep Curl dumbbell exercise is one such exercise for your biceps that will help you to get massive and amazing looking biceps. In the exercise section I have a number of exercises for your biceps that work them out from different angles and offers you lots of variety.

One of these exercises that I am demonstrating in this video is the Standing Hammer Bicep Curl.

It’s a really simple exercise that can be done either standing-up or sitting down on a bench. Here I am doing the bicep curl standing and alternating my repetitions (doing the exercse 1 bicep at a time). You can do the left and right bicep curl together but I find by doing each curl individually you are focusing more on each bicep repetition. Do 8 to 12 repetitions per side (depending on how much weight you use) and 3 to 4 sets of each.

A few points worth noting about this exercise:
  • When you are doing each rep, keep your elbows as close to your sides (torso) as possible  This prevents your elbows from flying out, resulting in injury.
  • Focus on your biceps doing the work and not your hands and forearms. You want to work out your biceps and not fatigue your forearms and hand.
  • I also prefer to do each rep slower to get the most benefit out of my biceps workout. By slowing down the movement you will also increase the resistance level of each repetition.
  • Keep your body straight, avoid swinging your body.

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