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The benefits of having a fitness club membership are the different types of fitness equipment, free weights and machines that you have access to. Most quality clubs have at least 3 different makes. The most popular being HammerStrength and Nautilus. Usually they are grouped together. So if you are pressed for time, you can do a quick and effective workout without having to walk all over the place.

In this section of my website, I will discuss a few of these machines focusing on my likes and dislikes of each. Benefits and disadvantages. How they can be improved upon. Personally I do not use every single machine in a gym since there are many that I think are redundant. This is ok because if you only had one type of chest press machine, you would end up waiting in line for it. Then there are other machines that look modern and sophisticated, but do not do a very good job or lack in safety-related features. Basically using some of these machines is just a waste of time!

One of the advantages of using machines is safety. You can train heavy without having a spotter. While other machines you can use to fine tune your workout for a specific body part or sculpt your body.

HammerStrength - Iso Wide Chest

In lieu of doing the standard barbell bench press, you may want to try this machine. It's a variation of the barbell bench press and safe. Especially if you plan on lifting heaving weights and you do not have a spot. The seat is at a slight incline and comfortable. There are no cables or pulleys so you can place as many weights as you want and in any incremental value. As the name implies, it works the entire chest. You begin with a wide grip and as you push out, your hands come in. This is one of my all-time favorite machines.

HammerStrength - Bicep Curl

A convenient machine that fits as many loose weights as you want to put on. No need to switch between barbells, dumbbells and you can curl heavy or light on this machine. Various adjustable seat levels allowing your upper arms and elbows to fit properly on the pad.

Nautilus Nitro - Compound Row

This machine is relatively new to my gym and uses a pulley system. I really like it for sculpting the mid-section of my back. The weights are arranged in 15lb increments, with optional 5 and 10lb increments at the side. What I like about this machine is that it allows you 3 handle grips. A variation on your workout. You can start with your hands in the horizontal or vertical position and pull in, or start with your hands in the horizontal and supinate them by bringing them into the vertical position as you pull inwards and complete the movement.

Nautilus Nitro - Vertical Chest Press

This machine has two handle grips: a horizontal grip for a wider chest press and a vertical or close grip. I like the close (vertical) grip because it gives me a good pumped up feeling and enables me to better sculpt my chest from a different angle. So here's a machine you can work your chest from different angles.

TKO Rubber Free Weights

The new trend in most gyms is purchasing these new rubber or plastic composite weights. Are they better than the old Weider free weights? The benefits are that they have a better grip and come in smaller incremental sizes i.e., 17.5, 22.5 pounds while the older Weider iron weights came in increments of 5lbs only. Women who use the lower weights, like 2.5, 5, 10lbs, I think will like these weights better. 

What I do not like about the rubber free weights? They seem a little awkward when doing bicep curls. Would I replace the old Weider weights? No, but I would bring in a set of the smaller-sized rubber ones say up to 25 lbs.

More gym machines and fitness equipment will be added.

If you have any reviews of fitness equipment please submit them at:

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