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Over the last few years I have heard about several studies that have concluded that where a person lives affects whether or not they are obese, over-weight. People who live in suburbs tend to be more obese than people living in cities. By this I mean the downtown areas of cities or larger towns.

The main reason for this is that in suburban areas everything is usually too far away to walk. So rather than walking people just take the car. Taking public transit is either inconvenient or would take too long. Many people traveling to work usually spend a lot of time in their cars each day so they many not have time for exercise. Even if you want to go shopping for groceries, you need to take your car. Everything is spread out. Part of the problem is the way suburban areas are planned out and also the big box stores. Let's face it, suburban areas are definitely not planned for healthy and active living.

Whereas in cities, neighborhoods were designed to be within walking distance. Stores are smaller, restaurants closeer, you have nearby parks, public transportation is convenient... It doesn't make any sense to get in a car and drive when you could easily walk. So you can see that cities were designed more for healthy and active living. This is especially true of many older cities which were designed before the advent of the car.

My point is that even if you live in the suburbs, the obesity rate can be decreased if you find ways to exercise at lease three times a week. Be it going to the gym, exercising at home or outdoors. An effort needs to be made to reverse this trend.

Posted on: Thursday February 16, 2006



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