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Store Purchased Tomatoes Compared to Garden Grown Tomatoes

Which is the healthier choice for you? Which tastes better?

tomato comparison - infographic

Nutrition and eating healthy plays a vital role for everyone and this is especially true for athletes and people participating in athletic activities or just staying active. And not all food is alike in nutritional quality.

In this infographic I am providing a visual comparison of a tomato that was purchased at the store this winter (top photo) and a tomato that is garden-grown (bottom photo) that I grew myself this past summer (2013). Obviously, the home grown tomato is much better and healthier for you. It is juicier, has a deeper color of red and less whiteness in the interior – in other words, more delicious and nutritious. The store bought tomato in one simple word is just terrible and has absolutely no flavor or taste. It could be due to the fact that it is a genetically modified vegetable to begin with and force grown quickly to hit the store shelves to feed the masses. Basically, the plant does not have the necessary time to develop and mature.

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