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Women Fitness
A complete online guide for women to achieve healthy weight and optimum fitness.
Women fitness offers fitness program based on the five components of complete fitness, namely, cardiovascular, strength training,
flexibility, nutrition and weight management.

Physio-led Pilates Classes
Pilates classes in Bolton taught under the guidance of a senior physiotherapist.

Big Fitness
Big Fitness sells new and used quality fitness equipment

Critical Bench
Get your own Customized Bench Press Program
that will help you increase your bench press by fifty pounds in ten weeks

Workouts For You - Online Exercise Programs
Affordable online personal training to help you lose weight, tone-up, build muscles, increase stamina.
Custom exercise programs designed for all fitness levels. Receive a free sample workout.

Changing Shape Fitness
Changing Shape offers information from fitness professionals and specializes in personalized exercise programs and weight loss counseling

Treadmill Recommendations and Best Buys by Fred Waters
Get treadmill reviews and recommendations from an industry insider.

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About Fitness Equipment
Shop smarter for equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
A guide on what to look for when choosing fitness equipment.

At Home Fitness
Top rated Smooth fitness equipment will help you maintain a fitness routine in the safety and convenience of your home or office.
Improve your cardiovascular health, boost your metabolism to help speed up weight loss,
or free up some time by eliminating the commute to the local gym
Provides valuable information on bodybuilding, weight loss, mass gaining, fitness tips, home fitness equipment,
supplements, exercise directory and other fitness and health related topics

Bodybuilding Training
Secrets to gaining muscle mass

BODYFITdb Fitness Software
Sophisticated, simple-to-use fitness software for tracking vital stats, nutrition and exercise.
An essential tool for the dedicated bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. Free 30 day trial version

New e-book reveals the fat burning secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models.
Discover how to permanently lose body fat without drugs, supplements or fad diets.

Fitness and Diet Software by X3MSoftware
Fitness Assistant is a two-in-one diet and fitness software featuring a very accurate calorie and carb sounter and an advanced workout log

Fitness Software
iGo Figure Member & Customer Management Software makes it possible to easily manage a health club or fitness center.

Fitness and Freebies
Nutrition, health, diet, fitness tips, information, advice for all
Exercise equipment to reach your Fitness Goals. Treadmills, home gyms, exercise bikes, weight benches, ellipticals, Yoga mats & Pilates gear

Golf Equipment Source
Great information and reviews to help you choose the proper golf equipment and lower your scores.

Personal Trainers New York City
A New York City network of highly experienced certified personal trainers providing
customized one-on-one diet and training programs. In gym or home.

Shape Up Shop
A large selection of products for active people, ranging from fitness equipment to athletic supplies to backyard games for kids

The EasyVigour Project
Free Pilates exercises instructions with pictures. A printable online library based upon
Pilates method in alliance with postural and movement awareness, taught from diagrams and pictures.

The Fit Map
A very popular health, fitness and lifestyle site.

Ratings, reviews and  price information about exercise treadmills. Searchable by brand name and price.


link categories: fitness and exercise | health | nutrition and supplements | fitness equipment
leisure/lifestyle| miscellaneous

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