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I get asked by many people how I achieve the shape and definition of my chest. It’s true that a defined, sculpted and muscular chest looks amazing on a guy. A toned and defined chest for a woman looks beautiful too, no matter what type of clothing you are wearing. A nice chest also helps your posture, your clothes fit a lot better and it helps visually portray your self-confidence to other people.

An amazing chest can be defined in a number of ways. For some people, it can mean a nicely defined chest. Other people may want a big chest with large pectoral muscles.

In this exercise article, I will discuss an example of one of my chest exercise workouts. My goal always is to try to achieve a chest that is both muscular and beautifully scupted. These exercises will work out your upper, middle and lower pectorals. You can use the same chest workout or modify it to better suit your needs. I recommend 5 different chest exercises each workout with about 4-5 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, depending on how heavy or intensely you will be working out. I also recommend that you slow down the speeds of lifting and releasing the weight to accentuate the positive and negative of each movement.

First of all, I like to start with some form of chest press as my first chest exercise to really focus on the large chest muscles. I like using the Hammer Strength Seated Chest Press Machine. The seat is at a very slight incline and the movement for the chest press is straight out, not linear and a wide-grip for the chest press is being used. What I like about this exercise machine is that the motion is not linear and it works the entire chest. You also don’t need a spotter. Therefore you can really push yourself and go as heavy as you can without losing grasp of the weights.

After this exercise, I like to do a lying dumbbell chest press exercise. Again, this exercise really works the entire chest and gives you a wider range of motion.

For my third, fourth and fifth exercises I like to alternate or rotate every second week just to vary the exercises and hit chest muscle groups differently.

The third chest exercise that I like to do is another seated and wide-grip exercise using the Hammer Strength machine. On this machine the movement is not a straight press but rather a chest press that is upwards and at an angle. The seat itself is at a 90 degree angle and this exercise tends to have a better range of motion that is non-linear. It’s much more difficult to lift heavy weights due to the angle at which you are lifting at. I find that it does a great job in working out the upper and middle pectoral muscles. Also, the seat must be properly adjusted within a given range so that you are working your chest and not your shoulders.

The fourth exercise that I do is the Cable Cross-Over exercise. It’s a wonderful machine in that you decide how you will stand and from what angle you will exercise your chest! It also offers you constant resistance. I’ll start with one exercise standing up, with a slight bend and using a light weight. For the second to fifth exercise, I prefer the bent-over approach to use this machine. Depending on how you do this exercise, you can work out your chest from many different angles. This is a great exercise for fine-tuning and sculpting your chest.

The final and fifth exercise involve two Nautilus chest press machines. There are two types: the Seated Nautilus Chest Press with a slight incline and the other,
the Low Incline Nautilus Chest Machine which has a greater incline. I will alternate my weekly workouts between the two. For both these machines, I use the close-grip for this exercise because it hits the chest from a different angle and really concentrates, builds and defines your entire chest.

As I mentioned, every second week, I will alternate my third to fifth exercises. One of the exercises that I will insert is the Low Incline Nautilus Chest Machine and I use the wide-grip. You can also substitute this machine with the incline dumbbell press. Another exercise is the Decline Hammer Strength Machine.

For even greater variation, I recommend that you vary the order of these exercises as well but do the more intensive exercises like chest presses first.

You will notice that I haven’t used any barbell chest exercises. I find that I achieve as good or better results without barbell chest exercises. I also do not work out with a spotter. So for safety reasons, I prefer machines and dumbbells.

This is a snap-shot of my chest workout that I feel gives me the results I desire. By performing the above-mentioned basic chest exercises using a combination of machines, dumbbell exercises and pulley machines, you too can achieve an amazing chest. Along with exercising you also should eat properly and get plenty of sleep. Sure genetics helps a lot, but working out and exercising properly and to maximum potential benefits is also mental and motivational in nature!

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