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Information and discussion on dietary supplements. Each supplement will be discussed as to what it is and its importance in fitness and weight training. This section of is new. Additional supplements will be added in the future.

List of Supplements:


A little history about creatine. It occurs naturally in relatively high concentrations in certain foods - beef, salmon, tuna. It was discovered in meat extracts in 1832 by a French scientist named Chevreul. In 1923 scientists discovered that the average human body contains 100 grams of creatine and 95% of it is stored in human tissue.

It's naturally made in our body by our liver and may also be produced in the pancreas and kidneys. Creatine is then transported in our blood stream to our muscle cells where it is converted to creatine phosphate.

Various studies over the years have found that creatine may promote muscle growth. This is achieved by the increased workload on your muscles as a result of creatine providing you with more energy and less muscle fatigue, faster muscle recovery time.

Creatine also has a cell-volumizing effect. This means that as more creatine is absorbed by your muscle cells, so is more water thus giving you a pumped feel and look. This is why you have to drink more water as you take creatine. When a muscle cell is hydrated it creates enhanced muscle growth.

Many studies over the years have shown that there are many other benefits to creatine supplementation.

I have found that using creatine has increased my lean body mass, I've gained more muscle and I have a lot more energy when I'm at the gym training with weights. It also speeds up my muscle recovery time. I'm rarely sore or suffer from muscle fatigue after heavy or intense workouts.


Glutamine is probably the most important of all amino acids. It is used for various functions by our bodies. For example, it is used by our bodies in large quantities for proper immune system, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder and liver functions. As a nitrogen transporter, it allows for ammonia to be removed from some parts of the body (brain) and deposited into others (intestines, kidneys). 

Your body keeps a large store of glutamine in your muscle tissue thus maintaining proper cellular hydration or cell volume. When your body can't manufacture enough glutamine or get enough of it through your diet, your body will then take the glutamine that is stored in your muscle tissue resulting in catabolism or muscle breakdown. If you are trying to at least maintain or increase muscle mass, then this is not what you want happening. Thus it is important to supplement your diet with glutamine. 

Many protein powders today already contain glutamine. If you feel you may need more, consider taking pure glutamine or the highly recommended product CytoVol which also contains alanine and glycine allowing for greater increase in cell volume and an optimal cellular environment for new muscle growth.


HMB for short, or beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate

What is it? It's a metabollite of the essential amino acid leucine and it's present in small quantities in meats (catfish), fruits (grapefruit) and vegetables... as well as manufactured by our own body. It's not a steroid nor a drug. HMB is even a natural component found in mother's milk.

What does it do? HMB increases the body's ability to build muscle mass and burn fat in response to intense exercise. It basically shifts protein metabolism in favour of new muscle growth as well as minimizing the breakdown of muscle tissue. Therefore it appears to work best with a high protein diet.

Over the years, numerous performed studies indicate the following:
- HMB boosts endurance
- women using HMB experienced enhanced strength, an increase in lean body mass and fat loss

Who uses it? Used by bodybuilding champions like Bill Davey, Bill Phillips; NFL athlete Shannon Sharpe and numerous medal-winning Olympic athletes in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games.

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