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Weight training should be a part of everyone's exercise program regardless of your age or gender. There are many benefits why you should use weights while exercising and you can find many excellent articles on this topic on my site or by clicking here. The approach you take to working out with weights all depends upon your fitness goals and objectives. For those of you who don't like exercising with machines or free weights, try taking an exercise class that incorporates weight training in the routine.

I will now briefly explain some training routines with weights. These explanations are very brief and simplified. I will not discuss the pros and cons of each one. You can try each one for yourself and decide which one weight training method is ideal for you or if you need help, there is an excellent online fitness program which you can find on this blog site.

Lower weights and high repetitions. Ideal for people looking just to tone, stay strong and healthy and is recommended for beginners, seniors and women not looking to increase in muscle mass.

Higher weights done slowly. This approach helps to build muscle mass and strength by using heavier weights and doing each repetition slowly emphasizing both the positive and negative movements, both the lifting or pulling and the releasing. This is ideal for intermediate and experienced people.

Heavy weights done to the maximum. By this I mean you lift the heaviest weight you possibly can for as many repetitions as you can. You need not complete a specified number of reps. The purpose is to push your muscles to their maximum. This method not only builds more muscle mass, but increases your strength to a greater degree. This approach to weight training is for experienced people.

Posted on: Thursday February 9, 2006



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