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Abdominal Fat

Many studies in the past year indicate that abdominal fat is the most dangerous form of obesity. Here are some of the reasons why:

- leads to heart disease
- affects your liver functions adversely
- causes diabetes

It is recommended that for optimal health your waist size should be the following: for men 37 inches and for women 31 inches.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should stay in shape and eat properly. I have many exercises, books and articles on improving your abdominals.

Posted on: Wednesday March 15, 2006

Exercise and Back Pain Tip
Obesity In Kids

We know that obesity is a problem for many adults, but it is a growing trend found in a lot of kids in the US, Canada, European and other countries. A recent study that looked at 25 countries just came out reveals that by 2010 50% of kids in the Americas will be obese while 40% will be obese in Europe. Regardless of the exact accuracy of these numbers, this is a problem and it will eventually cause a strain on the healthcare systems of these countries.

What the reason for this? It could be due to children eating more junk food and processed foods (frozen, etc...) instead of eating a good healthy home cooked meal. Also, lack of exercise. Too many kids, instead of playing sports and exercising, are playing video games.

Posted on: Monday March 6, 2006

Exercise and Back Pain Tip

Exercise and proper posture can help you in maintaining a healthy back or preventing back injuries or soreness be it work-related, sitting on a chair all day or just due to an everyday accident that may occur.

Now if you do have back pain, the exercises that you are performing must be the correct ones to eliminate your back pain and stay pain free. They must be specific to your back problem. Otherwise, if you are doing the incorrect exercises or performing them improperly, you may be making your situation much worse!

Posted on: Saturday March 4, 2006

Vitamin Supplements

Previously I mentioned that it is a good idea to take multi-vitamin supplements on a daily basis. There are so many brands of vitamins out there and deciding which one is the right one for you is often difficult. And do you know which one is the most effective? Let me help you decide by examining some things you should consider, look for.

The vitamins should be of high quality and natural, free of sugar or artificial flavors. Besides the usual vitamins and minerals, your supplement should contain Lycopene, Selenium, garlic and Chromium. Since men and women require different amounts of vitamins and minerals measured in IU's, mg's, mcg's on a daily basis look for supplements created specifically for men and women. It's also more beneficial if your vitamin comes in an AM and PM dosage. So instead of combining your recommended daily amount in one tablet, it should split into and AM and PM tablet with different amounts of vitamins and minerals in each tablet depending on the time of day. So an AM tablet you would take in the morning with breakfast and the PM tablet with your lunch or dinner.

It's important that you take multi-vitamins especially if you are physically active, under stress or an athlete. If you also do not have the opportunity to eat the daily recommended number of fruits and vegetables, it's a good idea to supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin.

What would I recommend? I have been taking MDR Fitness Tabs from Medical Doctors Research for years now (since 1991 or 1992) and personally I feel it's the best on the market today.

Posted on: Thrusday March 2, 2006

Inline Skates - When is the best time to buy?

Your inline skates may be old and you're thinking about replacing them. Or it may be the first time that you are considering purchasing a pair. So when's the best time during the year to buy a pair?

I find that the best time to look for a pair of blades is in March or even April. The reasoning is that most stores are trying to get rid of their last year's stock. Yes I know the merchandise is a year old but when you can get it at 33% to 50% off, it really doesn't matter. For the price you originally intended to pay you can even get a much better pair now if you want. Also, there aren't any big drastic changes between yearly models. Just slight improvements and color changes.

For my European readers, after speaking with several people from various European countries, when you're on vacation in Canada or the US you may want to consider buying a pair here because the prices are a lot lower.

For first time buyers, I suggest that you read my excellent article on inline skates where I provide you with tips on what to consider and look for when making a purchase. When shopping for a pair, try on various company makes to find out which pair is most comfortable for you. Not only should they look good but more importantly, feel good when you wear them.

Posted on: Wednesday March 1, 2006

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