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Joining A Gym

Why you should join a gym?

If you are fortunate to live in a warm climate or you don't mind the cold weather, you could do all your cardiovascular exercise outdoors and do your weight training indoors in your house. The only drawback with this approach is that you are limited to what you can do with respect to weight training. Gyms provide you with many more options when it comes to weight training and even cardiovascular exercise. There are all kinds of different and interesting fitness classes now available depending on your interests. 

So the main benefit of joining a gym is variety which allows you to achieve greater fitness benefits whatever your goals are. Other benefits of gym memberships are:

Motivation. The atmosphere in a gym motivates you to work a little harder or put a little more effort into whatever you are doing.

Means of escape. It provides you an escape from home and work.

Friendships. Many people meet friends at a gym and some singles by chance, do even meet their partners at gyms.

As you can see there are many benefits to joining a gym. Sure sometimes it's a hassle to go to the gym, but once it's part of your daily life, it's no different than going to work. The rewards you get are more than worth the effort. There are also many gyms that are affordable  so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg.

Fast Track To Fat Loss

Posted on: Thursday January 25, 2007

Green Tea and Working Out

Do you need to increase your energy levels during the day or increase your energy levels during your workouts? You may want to start drinking caffeine-free green tea. I started drinking green tea last fall and my energy levels have increased during my workouts and during the work day. The only days that I don't drink green tea is the day of my workout. I find that it tightens my muscles and limits my workout. I still don't understand why, but it may not be so for you. So I've compensated for this little problem by only drinking green tea the day prior to my workout and it seems to work fine for me. The most I drink is two cups in a day, but usually one cup is enough for me.

So will green tea work for you? Well I asked a friend to drink green tea and he has also noticed increased energy levels and lost a few pounds in the process. The reasons for this is that it boosts your metabolism and it also boosts, strengthens your immune systm. It also has antioxidants. 

Depending on what literature you read, green tea is also supposed to fight stomach, skin cancers and helps to prevent tooth decay. Green tea is also ideal to help you lose weight.

I just wanted to share with you want I know about green tea and the results I have gotten from this tea. So instead of going for a cup of coffee, try some caffeine-free green tea. After a couple of weeks you should notice results and then you can judge the merits of drinking green tea for yourself.

Posted on: Tuesday January 23, 2007

Rapper LL Cool J Workout

Whether you are starting to exercise or you have been working out for awhile now, it's always helpful to consult a professional trainer like Fast Track To Fat Loss to offer you advice with workouts and workout routines. You could go about it yourself, but you have to be dedicated and commit your time to reading fitness books or watching fitness shows and DVDs.

This leads me to the topic I want to discuss today. You see many rappers in music videos these days who are very muscular and chiseled to perfection. They have the perfect type of physique. The type of bodies that the ancient Greeks were accustomed to portraying in their statues. The ancient Greeks were interested in the ideal human body or the perfection of the human form so it's no wonder that the Olympic Games began in Olympia Greece. 

Anyway, you see this perfection in the human physique in rapper LL Cool J. He's been able to achieve this level of fitness through hard work, discipline and yes, with the help of his long-time personal trainer Scooter Honig. So even celebrities like LL Cool J have consulted a personal trainer! Together they have created a workout system that burns body fat and builds muscle. After seeing this picture of LL Cool J, you have to agree that his workout works.

LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

Whether you want to achieve the perfect body like LL Cool J or simply stay in shape and get the best-looking body that you possibly can or desire (more like the ancient Greeks believed), you can read more about his workout routine in his new book: 
LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

Posted on: Friday January 12, 2007

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