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Smoking and Heart Attacks

There are many people who still smoke and go to the gym. I can just smell the smoke on their clothing as they walk by. Imagine what the smoking is doing to their bodies! It almost defeats the purpose of exercising!

Now there is a Canadian study published in the British Journal of Medicine that indicates smoking can cause heart attacks. Logically this makes sense. Even second hand smoke can cause heart attacks in people who do not even smoke. Just another reason to quit smoking. Anyway, the trend internationally (especially in North America) is to reduce the number of smokers.

Posted on: Friday August 18, 2006


Often I like to read about other people's ways of approaching health and fitness. What they are doing properly, what they recommend and any mistakes that they have made along the way. There are many ways to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Yoga is only one of them. 

Today, I'd like to share with you an article written by a novelist, Amy Hassinger. The mistakes she made along the way and how she finally realized them. She discusses her initial approach to Yoga as being that of an athletic discipline or sport to achieve that perfect body. She goes into detail in discussing the mistakes she made because she approached Yoga as a sport and a means to physical perfection. She discusses how with help and the advice of her Yoga teacher, she overcame her stubbornness in overcoming her mistakes and how she is able to see Yoga in a different manner, way. Yoga for her is now about total health - comprising not just her physical well-being but also it includes her mental and spiritual well-being as well. Yoga is a source of healing for her, rather than just a means toward achieving strength, flexibility and a flat stomach or good-looking body.

You can read the entire article here. I think you will find it interesting.

Posted on: Thursday July 6, 2006

Free Fitness Book

Today, I would like to offer my fitness blog readers a free fitness e-book called Ultimate Fitness Secrets Revealed by Dr. Frank Smoot. It's well-written and it normally sells for $27.97. So get your copy and check it out for excellent fitness information.

Posted on: Wednesday July 5, 2006

Summer and Cardio Exercise

With summer in full swing, now is the best time to enjoy cardiovascular exercise from cycling to rollerblading, be it at a leisurely or more active pace. Summer gives you a chance to spend more time outside and enable you to lose those extra pounds that have accumulated over the winter months without you really thinking about them. Most people are able to naturally lose weight during the summer months partly due to the heat, but also due to the fact that they are more active.

If you're fortunate to live by a big body of water such as a lake or ocean, the cooler breezes, sights and sounds of summer make your exercise experience a lot more enjoyable.

Some precautions you may want to take when exercising during the hot summer months. Depending on your physical condition you may want to avoid exercising during the 11am to 2pm time frame. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and avoid areas of high pollution. Also, it's a good idea to still go to the gym for your weight training workouts at least once a week but preferably a couple times a week.

Posted on: Tuesday July 4, 2006

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