Escalating Density Training EDT

Escalating or High Density Training - Maximum Impact Weight Training

I came across an interesting book focusing on one particular way of strength training. It's called Escalating or High Density Training and it focuses on gaining more muscle in a shorter period of time. At the same time, burning off more fat in a shorter period of time. This type of training cuts your workout recovery time and prevents joint and muscle pains allowing you to safely train without injury. It's ideal for athletes, people looking to stay in shape, bodybuilders and especially for anyone with limited time for exercise. You can get an effective strength training workout in the least amount of time.

Charles Staley is a proponent of this system and has written a book on this type of training called Muscle Logic : EDT Delivers Twice the Muscle in Half the Time. Trainers and Olympic athletes agree that this system works. It's ideal for both professionals, bodybuilders and people interested in just staying in shape.

It's a book that's worth a read. In his book, Charles Staley provides:
- both beginner, intermediate and advanced programs for athletes interested in maximum performance at any level
- a 2 hour per week program for serious recreational bodybuilders
- simple, effective ways to apply Escalating Density Training to develop power, speed and endurance
- techniques that help you cut recovery time to train more intensely and frequently to reach your goals faster

Posted on: Wednesday November 2, 2005 11:09 am


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