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Weight Training Bodybuilding Tips

Weight training and weight lifting

I like to try different weight training and bodybuilding workout techniques, vary my workouts and tweak my workouts. In this article, I will point out some of my successful weight training workout tips. These bodybuilding workout tips should help you to train more efficiently, obtain better results and keep you focused and motivated. Also, my recommendation is that you try different workout techniques and over a period of time you will find out for yourself what works best for you.


Focus on performing each repetition at a slow to moderate pace.You will build more muscle and definition and get more out of your workouts in a shorter period of time.

Build Strength

Build your strength gradually over time. Start your training at manageable weights and constantly over time increase the weights. As you do this you will find greater strength. Even if it only means that you can only do 4 reps at a higher weight the point is that you are doing it and progressing!


So important! Pay attention to your form so that you do not get sloppy and be susceptible to injuries. Proper workout form will also maximize workout benefits.

Workout Variation

Vary your workouts. By keeping your workouts the same all the time you will get bored easily and your muscles will get used to your weight training and you will stagnate and possibly experience diminishing workout results. Varying your workouts also confuses your muscles and challenges your muscles. They are forced to adjust, grow and stay strong as a result.

There are a number of techniques to achieve this. This can be done by rotating from week to week certain exercises, adding new and different exercises to your workouts, changing the order of your exercises for a particular body part and even changing the days you workout a certain body part. Even the types of grips you use can make a difference by working your muscles from different angles.

Try to use the various types of weight training equipment at your gym which includes free weights, barbells, machines like Hammer Strength and cable pulley machines.

The Mental Aspect

Training with weights and bodybuilding is not about how big you are to begin with and how big you should get. Most of weight training and how much you can lift is mental requiring focus, motivation and proper breathing. The results you achieve are based upon your goals.


Remember to breathe. You will get more from your workout since your brain and muscles require fresh oxygen and are fuelled by oxygen resulting in greater energy when working out.

Type of Training

I prefer to do fairly heavy to heavy workouts which could be fairly short in time duration  (depending on my energy levels), but closer to summer, I will extend the length of time of my workouts.

Incorporate Full Body Exercises

Try to add full body exercises to your workout. I prefer pull-ups using various handle grips since they work so many different muscle groups and they will build your strength, cardiovascular endurance and provide you with amazing muscle definition.


Get enough sleep. For some people this could be 6-7 hours and for others 8 hours. This allows your body and muscles to recover and build. Plus sleep is a necessary requirement for you immune system.

Take a Break

Sometimes a week off from the gym every 3 to 4 months can help too. It helps to get you rested and refocused.


Take Omega 3. If find it does an amazing job to boost your immune system and provides me with a lot of energy, added energy and strength for my workouts. Plus Omega 3 is supposed to help you maintain your ideal weight and help you to lose weight.

Fish like sardines, salmon for example are of course the best source of Omega 3, but with the problems of pollution and where the fish may be caught, one cannot eat it everyday. There are many supplements on the market that contain contaminant-free Omega 3. Read the label of the supplement, it should be clearly indicate that it contains no contaminants along with the source of the Omega3. If the label does not indicate this, do not buy the Omega 3 supplement.

Also, eat healthy - foods high in vitamins, minerals and protein. Avoid foods high in fat and sugars as they will only slow you down. You may also want to supplement your dietary intake with protein supplements or Creatine.


I think I have touched on all the points that I wanted to mention. If I have missed any, please email me and I would be happy to add them.

To conclude, these are just some of my weight training workout tips that can help you to maximize the gains from your workout. Like I mentioned earlier, the key is to find what works best for you. This can only be done by applying the workouts techniques that I have mentioned to your time at the gym and from your continuing self-education on weight training and bodybuilding.

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