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The Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

Regular gym-goers will understand the popularity of the water rower. It’s easy to see why: the machine is excellent for improving your overall level of fitness and it is beneficial to more than just off-season rowers. In this guide, we will explain what makes a rowing machine such an excellent source of exercise and how you’ll gain the most benefit.

If you’re apprehensive about using a new piece of equipment when all eyes are on you at the gym, you should consider exercising from home. A lot of people tend to stick to the basics when they purchase fitness equipment. Treadmills and exercise bikes are very popular, but a water rower can take your fitness program to the next level. Gym Company has a variety of rowers that are suitable for the home – all of which have a three-year guarantee upon registration.

When you use the machine, make sure that it’s positioned close to a mirror so that you can observe and improve your technique. It can also be easily folded up and placed in different areas if you’d prefer to work out with a view or in front of the TV.

Rowing is an excellent way to lose weight and provides cardiovascular benefits. The machine demands that you move your body a lot, and this makes it very good at burning calories. It’s a workout that places minimal strain on your joints, so it’s particularly helpful for older fitness enthusiasts. Overweight people can also enjoy the benefits because a rower has very low impact and resistance: any extra weight you may be carrying won’t impact against your skeleton and cause sore bones the next morning.

Indoor rowing exercise machine

It is possible to achieve an aerobic workout from a rowing machine, as it works several major muscle groups and raises your heart rate to increase your oxygen intake. Some machines also come with a wireless heart-rate strap that can help you monitor your performance as you go.

When it comes to strength training, the water rower works your core area and provides high resistance for toning your arms, back, chest and abs. The machine can usually be set to a higher level of resistance if you want to increase the rate of your muscle gain. You also have to maintain a strong grip on the oars; this means you gradually develop the strength in your hands and wrist.

Being low to the ground means that the risk of injury is fairly low when you use a water rower. The natural motion of rowing should put little strain on your back, but this can be difficult to perfect when you first get started. Always ensure that you are using the machine with correct rowing form and posture - your legs and arms should be doing the majority of the work. Make sure you visit How to Row if you unsure how to use it.

As with any type of exercise, it’s important that you pair it with a nutritious diet. There are many websites that contain excellent nutritional information if you intend to take this sport more seriously.

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