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Top Exercises Towards a Perfect Beach Body

That time has come around again when many of us are looking to shed the New Year weight brought on by recent indulgences at spring and Easter gatherings to shape up in time for the summer holidays. Achieving the perfect beach body doesn’t happen overnight - like any other physical change, it requires dedication and a smart diet for the best chance of success as well as a repetition of some amazing workouts. Follow these exercises with care to start your journey towards a more toned and shapely summer physique.

Sit ups and Crunches
Performing a good series of sit ups and crunches will help towards giving you a sleek middle section by building up your abdominal muscles. Doing a repetition of twenty or more sit ups and leg crunches a day will gradually result in a firm and flat stomach towards the summer months. Strengthening your abdominal muscles will also help aid your digestion too and this is great news for keeping your beach body diet in check.

Squats and Lunges
These should be part of every summer fitness routine since it can result in more toned and defined legs as well as a tighter bum. Squats and lunges are easy to do since you can do them just about anywhere. If you do like to challenge yourself while doing a repetition of squats, however, you could consider practising with weights at the gym. Before attempting this, always ask for the advice and assistance of a gym instructor to prevent the risk of injury.

Cardiovascular exercise
In order to see vast improvements to your body, you need to engage regularly in the daddy of all body workouts - intense cardiovascular exercise. This includes running, cycling and playing intensive physical sports such as tennis or football (even if this is only part of a casual kick-about in the park). All these and more will help to burn off fat layers that are covering your muscles.

Ensure you keep to an exercise regimen up until summer and beyond by staying active whenever you can, whether at home, on the go or in the gym. The latter gives you a great opportunity to sample the latest in strength and cardio equipment to help you attain the perfect beach body. Fitnesswarehouseuk.com can attest to this, providing many of the UK’s gym members with the kind of fitness facilities that achieve results.

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