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Omega 3

Health Benefits

Omega 3 has many health benefits and it is only during the last few years that we have heard about the numerous benefits of Omega 3 talked about and researched. Plus, it has been supplemented in the foods we eat on a daily basis including milk, eggs, cereals, yoghurt and many others!

Many of the benefits derived from consuming Omega 3 has been mentioned through various media outlets over the years, but in this article I am going to list them and I am going to tie them in to how these benefits have affected my health. So it's is basically a user's view, my views of this supplement.

Sources of Omega 3

Omega 3 comes from many sources, but the most familiar and most easily attainable in our diets is from fresh or frozen fish. Different fish contain different quantities and quality of Omega 3. You can also consume Omega 3 through supplements in the form or fish oil or capsules. There are other sources of this supplement including flax seed and some forms of seaweed. My preference is to eat fish occasionally but to supplement my diet daily with the recommended dosage of fish supplements. My favorite supplement is Jamieson Omega 3 Select because it contains Omega 3 from sardines and anchovies caught somewhere off the coast of the cold, fresh waters of Antartica or the southern tip of South America (per their TV commercial) and their product is tested to contain no traces of heavy metals, PCBs, dioxin, mercury or lead.

I have also heard that the Omega 3 from seals is the best source of all of them, probably one of the reasons the Inuit in northern Canada manage to stay healthy during the winter. My only concern is of the amount of contaminants that can accumulate over the years in the tissue of the seals. This will probably get more attention in the coming years, ethically good or bad, but I am not going to go there with this article. Ethical issues are always the choice of an individual!

What are some of the benefits of Omega 3?

Immune System Booster

The biggest benefit that I feel you will obtain is that it boosts your immune system, so you feel healthier and stronger. If you do by chance get a cold or flu, I find that by taking the recommended number of Omega 3 capsules, it will help you to fight off the severity and duration of colds or flus. There is an optimal number of capsules that you should consume based on your weight and the recommended dosage as per the manufacturer. Through trial and error based on usage you can determine this out and you will rarely succumb to a cold or flu. It could be at the recommended dosage or 1 capsule less and they should be consumed with your meals for maximum absorption.

Increases Energy Levels

Tied in with being an immune system booster, I find that it increases my energy levels and my strength too. The reason that I think this is the case is that since it boosts your overall immune system, you feel healthier, more positive and stronger. Where I see the big advantage of Omega 3 in my diet is at the gym. Not only do I feel more energetic, but I feel a lot stronger. Therefore I can accomplish more during my weight training workouts. Plus it helps me get through those dark, cold and brutal winters!

Anti Aging

Latest research shows that by consuming Omega 3 can slow down the aging process. Many of the reasons can be attributable to the reasons below but of course other factors do play into this as well as eating properly and exercise.

Keeps Skin Soft

Since I have been using Omega 3 consistently, I have found that in winter my skin is not as dry and consequently I do not have to use skin moisturizers as often.

Prevents Acne

Supposed to prevent or limit acne, but I have found no indication of this but for you it may help.

Helps to Lose Weight

One of the best natural supplements combined with regular exercise and good eating habits (proper nutrition) to lose weight attributable to the fact that it boosts you metabolism and energy levels.

Improves Memory

I find that my memory is excellent and at times has improved but this could also be due to the fact that I feel young and strong even at the age of 48!

Reduces Cholesterol

It helps to reduce harmful cholesterol (contains Serum Triglycerides) and possibly prevent heart disease.

There are other benefits too, but these ones are the main ones and the most important ones.

Like I said earlier, the best way to consume Omega 3 is by eating fish or taking supplements. Stick to smaller fish since larger fish will contain more or higher levels of mercury and other contaminants. Sardines and anchovies are probably the best source of Omega 3 for you. If you are not sure about the level of mercury in fish let me offer you this suggestion. Find out where the fish was caught or the country of origin. By this I mean, some waters where fish can be caught may be more polluted than others. Personally, I would stay away from fish caught offshore from China. If you’ve seen pictures of the Yangtze River, you will know what I mean!

For the days you don’t eat fish, take the recommended number of Omega 3 capsules daily (as indicated on the label) and make sure that these capsules contain Omega 3 from contaminant--free sources and are from a reputable dietary supplement company.

Personally I don’t go out and buy foods that contain Omega 3 because they tend to be a lot more expensive for the marginal amount of Omega 3 that it may contain! I prefer just takin quality supplements and occasionally eating fish.

These are just my opinions on Omega 3 and how it has benefited my health. I am no doctor but from what I have seen after using Omega 3 on a regular basis over the last 2 years, this supplement has a lot of benefits at a very reasonable dollar price and it should not be ignored or avoided. At this time, some governments and medical organizations around the world have endorsed the benefits of Omega 3, while others feel more study and research is needed.

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