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Motivating Yourself to Exercise with Your Pet Dog
Fun Indoor and Outdoor Exercises to Do With Your Furry Pal
Paddleboarding with your dog
Photo by Alex Blajan on Unsplash

If you have a canine companion, then you need not look further for a workout partner. Dogs love to exercise and play, and their energy is quite contagious. They seem tireless most of the time, which can annoy most dog owners. However, the secret to a well-behaved pup or dog is to tire them through physical activity. This is actually a great thing because you can join in the fun too and workout together. To help you out, here are some exercise ideas you can do with your dog indoors and outdoors.

Jog with Your Pal

The simplest exercise you can do with your furry pal is to jog. You might have already noticed that dogs love to run. This helps them burn their pent-up energy and develop a better appetite for their next meal. With that said, this is the same energy that will help you burn tons of calories too. Use a leash when jogging with your dog. You will also have to learn how to control your dog’s movement and speed eventually. Fitness experts say that you need to complete 10,000 steps a day, which sounds tough and boring. But if you run with your cute dog, this goal isn’t that hard to reach. Start slow if needed and work on your speed with your pet.

Do the Four-Way Run

The World Health Organization highly encourages everyone to partake in physical activity every day for better health. If you find yourself too lazy to move, let your energetic pup lead the way. The Four-Way Run is a fun physical exercise for you and your buddy, but it will require a yummy treat to get your dog’s attention and participation. The goal is to run in four directions from the starting line and have your dog follow you. Simply pick a starting line, run 40 yards back, and run back to the starting line. After that, do a lateral shuffle 40 yards to your right and then go back to the start. Do the same process, but now going to your left and back again. If your dog can keep up, give him a treat per round.

Hiking or Going for Long Walks

Particularly going for a hike with your dog is a great way to work out your legs and glute muscles over uneven terrain. Taking your dog for long walks say 1 hour or walks at a quick and brisk pace is also a good natural form of exercise be it once a day or 3 times per week.

Do the Twist at Home

Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to exercise outdoors, so it is just as important to know a couple of indoor exercises you can do with your dog. The twist with a treat will not require tons of space and there won’t be any running around required. Just sit on the ground, lean back 45 degrees, and tap your hands on the floor as you twist your body left and right. In order for your dog to follow you, break down the treats into small pieces, let your dog smell it, and hold the treat while you twist. Complete 10 reps for this and give your dog a treat after each rep or every other rep.

Isn’t it fun to think about the numerous physical activities you can do with your best friend? As cute as they are, they make excellent workout partners, so don’t take it for granted. Grab those trainers, grab the leash, and sweat it out with your furry pal. Don’t forget to have fun too.

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