The Latest In Yoga Types
Hip Hop, Acroyoga and Quantum
by Gemma Carter


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When most people think of yoga, they think of traditional sun salutations or downward dog poses with relaxing slow classes to calming music. Prepare to learn about some new original takes on the practice.

Hip hop yoga

More accustomed to pipes and harps in the background of your yoga class? Well here you're more likely to hear Jay-Z!

Hip hop yoga is a new and upcoming type of yoga, combining the love of music with a love of yoga. The idea is that the music motivates the class and lifts the tempo helping the students through sequences. Unlike more relaxing yoga classes where your mind may be allowed to wander and relax, this class aims to keep you focused on what you are doing 100 percent.

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An unusual concept to the more traditional yoga lovers, acroyoga combines acrobatics, Thai massage and partner yoga. The discipline began in California and involves warm up sessions of sun salutations and many following moves such as headstands, handstands and upside-down moves.

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Quantum yoga

Quantum yoga is based on the 'quantum method'. This is the belief that we all have different requirements from a yoga class. It dates back to the 6000 year old Indian ayurveda system which says we are split into one of three body types ( also called dosha).

  • Vata (air) - are types who have slender frames and are prone to anxiety.
  • Pitta (fire) - are types who have a good amount of stamina but a fiery temperament.
  • Kapha (water) - are types who tend to have heavier frames but can be lazy.

Quantum yoga therefore focuses on finding a yoga sequence suited to each type relating to one's mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Article by:
Gemma Carter who is a fully trained fitness and life coach.
Visit her website at or email her at:

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