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Top Tips for Preventing Injury During Exercise

Suffering an injury as a result of exercising can cause a great deal of discomfort and even put us off at attempting it again. Fortunately, these injuries are easily prevented by taking the right precautions in your fitness routine. Consult the following tips to replace pain with joy and relaxation the next time you exercise.

Go for a routine/physical check-up
It’s vital to visit a doctor to get your body fully checked out before attempting a new sport or fitness routine. Even if you plan to engage in exercises that appear fairly low-risk such as running or yoga poses. Your doctor will be able to inform you of your limits and suggest the appropriate amount of daily exercise appropriate for you. Unnecessary stress and strain brought upon by a new physical activity may lead to heath risks and further injuries down the line so always consult with your doctor beforehand.

Mix up your training sessions
Working repeatedly on a single area of your body will inevitably lead to the joints and muscles becoming sore and pulled as a result of being overworked. Ensure that you keep your workouts balanced instead by targeting two or more areas of the body in one exercise such as using rowing machines or going for runs to use a combination of muscle groups. As well as helping you to get a full body workout each time you train, mixing your schedule up a bit will prevent boredom during exercise, which is one of many reasons why people give up or lose track of their fitness regime.

Enlist the help of a personal trainer
Personal trainers know the ins and outs of physical endurance and how exercise can be done properly. Investing in a personal trainer for long periods of time can be expensive but a few sessions may be all you need to help you understand your body’s limitations and strengths. Training with a professional fitness expert for any length of time will spark your motivation and prevent you from making past mistakes that may have caused injuries to you in the past.

Use Proper Fitness Equipment
A great deal of fitness injuries can often occur as a result of using poor sporting equipment and certain apparatus that may not be suited to your body’s unique levels of strength and flexibility. Riding a bike is a prime example of this as cyclists commonly experience back pain and sore hamstrings as a result of an unsuitable bike size or seat pad. Fortunately, many bike specialists such as Fatbirds work with cyclists to ensure that their choice of road bike is suited especially to them from the bike frame to the pedals.

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