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How to Get Fit When You Work Long Office Hours

Whilst it is certainly not easy getting and then remaining fit and healthy when your days are consumed by long hours at the office, but it is possible...

Have some back-up snacks
It’s so easy to be tempted when your boss brings in a box of biscuits or Janet from HR leaves some leftover birthday cake in the kitchen. Resisting undoing all of your hard work will be far easier if you have on hand some tasty but healthy alternative food to snack on. Nuts, berries and raisins are ideal, as they will last and keep well on your desk or in a drawer.

Ditch the car
If walking to your place of work is just too far, cycling is always an option. In fact, you might be quite surprised at how quickly you can make it from door to desk. Especially if you get stuck in heavy traffic when driving, you might even find you get to work faster on a bike.

Make the most of your lunch break
Not only is a free hour at lunch the ideal time to work out if you have a long day, it will also give you a much-needed boost for the afternoon.  If you don’t have a nearby gym but your office does have showers on-site, just go for a run. Five minutes to get changed, 30 minutes to run and 10 minutes to shower still leaves you with 15 minutes to eat.

Accept some support
There are some fantastic tools out there now to help support you in getting to peak fitness. Some organisations now even offer their apps and services free of charge. One of these is Superbody, which includes handy features like calendars and galleries and is developed especially for people with busy lifestyles.

Elongate your opportunities to walk
Park your car slightly further away from the entrance, make your breakfast or cup of coffee in a kitchen on another floor and always, always take the stairs! If you need to chat to your boss, don’t email or call, go to her or his office.

Go straight to the gym from the office
If you go home before going to the gym you could be really tempted to crash on the sofa! Take this option away by going straight from work to the gym. Keep a fully stocked bag with you in the office at all times, plus a spare pair of trainers so there is never an excuse.

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