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Guide to CrossFit Equipment

CrossFit has become a popular brand for fitness equipment in the recent years; many people agree that this is because the equipment is flexible enough that it adapts to many body types and fitness aims.

This brand of fitness equipment has been developed in conjunction with police academies, martial artists, professional athletes and some military operation units. So, if you’re dedicated to losing weight and improving your health, this equipment can provide some amazing results, quickly and in a healthy way.

Here’s a short guide to a few pieces of equipment from the CrossFit range, available at Savage Strength:

Kettle Bells

Great for building muscle or toning up your arms kettle bells are an easier and safer solution to lifting bars over your head. Perfect for at home use, as they can easily be stored in a small space when you’re not using them. Available in various weights and colours, you can find the right one to suit you and your fitness aim.

Benches & Training Plates

However, if you are a fan of the lifting the bar, CrossFit has various benches to ensure your comfort and protection while working out. You must make sure you find a bench that’s the right size for your height and weight, and that you can adjust which in most cases you will need to. Just like the kettle bells, the plates for these bars are available in different weights and colours, so you can find the exact ones to meet your needs.


There’s a wide range of CrossFit conditioning equipment from wall balls, battle ropes, sleds, hammers and much more. These different types of equipment all aim to give your body a full workout experience, all working different areas. These are a great workout solution if you struggle to find the time to exercise around work and home life, since in as little as half an hour a day on any of these pieces of equipment, you will soon start to see the health benefits.

Bodyweight and Gymnastic

For the professional athlete CrossFit also provides various types of gymnastic equipment, such as rings, suspension kits and physical plyo boxes. There’s also different press up beams, wall mounted chinning bars and dipping bars. If you’re a home owner with enough space to create a large home gym, then this would be a great idea for you.

If you haven’t got the space or the funds for a home gym, but are eager to try out the CrossFit brand, search for a branch near you, using the CrossFit location map.  However, if you’re interested in purchasing fitness equipment for home use, or currently have a home gym and struggle with finding storage space, PopSugar Fitness, have suggested seven ways to store your equipment using simple solutions.

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