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My fitness website PopularFitness.com has been online since June 2000. There may be copycat companies and individuals using "popularfitness" in their domain names with extensions other than .com - Please note, that they are in no way related to my website nor to me. They have nothing to do with me, they are just COPYCATS! Sadly, such people like this exist on the Internet. My website has been online since June 2000, an Internet pioneer in the field of fitness and has always existed as popularfitness.com

Exercise and health have always been important in my life and for this reason I originally created this free fitness portal website. This website is run by 1 person and that is me, Peter Kudlacz. Consequently, the page is entitled “about me” and not “about us” whish you will see on a lot of websites despite the fact that some of them are run by 1 only person.

On the personal side, I have been involved in exercise and sports since childhood. Fitness has always been a part of my life and it always will. No matter how busy I may be, I make sure I fit exercise in there somewhere.

In my early twenties, I became interested in weight training, bodybuilding and tried to learn everything I could. Now I primarily weight train and rollerblade in the summer. I feel that as I have grown older I feel that I am still young and continue to grow stronger. That’s what exercise and proper nutrition can do for you - make you feel younger, stronger and more positive which equates to a healthier You. On my website I try to impart a lot of my knowledge (what I have learned) in both the exercise and articles sections.

Although this website has a heavy leaning towards weight training and bodybuilding, I do cover other sports, fitness activities and disciplines as well, some quite extensively like Yoga. The best way to find anything that you may be looking for is by topic or keyword(s) through my custom site search which is powered by Google and can be found on each and every page throughout the site. I have included it here:

Custom Search PopularFitness.com

All the information that I have provided is free and I have divided it up into a number of sections but the two main sections are: Exercise and Workouts and Free Articles.

Some of the free articles are written by me but the majority of articles are exclusively written for my website (they do not appear on any other website) by professionals in the exercise, fitness, health and nutrition fields. They are quality articles but quality of course lies eventually in the eyes of the reader. I hope that you enjoy the articles and find the information in them to be useful.

In the exercise and workouts section, all information is written by me. For many of the exercises, I have included my own videos which I have uploaded to YouTube and embedded on my website. I hope you find them useful too. I try to create new videos when I have the time and when exercise topic comes to mind.

To pay for my website, because after all, there is a cost of running the website and for paying myself a salary, I have selected advertisers advertising on my website, some Google generated ads as well as a very select few affiliate programs that are reputable, have been online for a period of time and provide a quality product of value to my readers.

This is just a little about myself and what my fitness website is all about.

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