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Fitness is Always in Style - Free Exercises, Fitness and Health Articles, Reviews
Popular Fitness a free fitness and exercise website, online since June 2000.

Directory of Weight Training and Strength Training Exercises
- using free weights, barbells, weight machines and body weight
How to step-by-step exercise instruction guides and exercise workouts for properly performing various weight training, abdominal and full body exercises. Ideal for beginners, bodybuilders or for anyone looking to lose weight, strengthen muscles and get a lean, healthy, toned and strong body. Includes both text descriptions and my free how to HD videos and selfie HD videos:

Full List of Exercises and Workouts

Specific Exercises by Body Part
With an emphasis on a main muscle group along with secondary emphasis on other muscle groups. All exercises come with text descriptions and most with my High Definition exercise videos.
perfect shoulder press form
lower back

Full Body Exercise Workouts
These types of exercises work out at least 1 main muscle group along with several other secondary muscles or muscle groups of the body. They are great for strength training, building muscle, increasing muscle definition and getting a cardiovascular workout. These are amazing time-saving exercises - mazimize your workout results in the least amount of time possible. My favorite is the pull-up exercise.

pull-ups - chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core
renegade dumbbell rows - back, arms, core and legs
best ab exercises - bicycle crunch, ab crunch with leg extension
glutes on LifeFitness Machine - primarily glutes aa well as a full leg workout
standing barbell biceps curl - biceps exercise with use of core and legs for stability and support
obliques and abdominals - lose the love handles
bent over or standing chest crossovers - chest; legs, glutes and core for balance and support
abs with exercise ball

Personal Training
Personal training insurance from FitPro.
Personal training courses and great PT blog full of information from TRAIN FITNESS UK.
Ultimate Performance delivers world class PT across the globe with personal training in Sydney, London and personal training in Singapore.

Bosu Ball
Bosu ball workouts

Pilates exercises and stretches
Introduction to Pilates

Learn Yoga 
Introduction to Yoga 

Buy Kettlebells and Kettlebell Racks
Shred It with Weights from Jillian Michaels - kettlebell and cardio workout DVD
Kettlebell workout training

For Women
Workouts for Women
Strength training and cardiovascular workouts for women section

Salmon with Lemon Balm, Brown Rice and Salad
Garden grown vegetable salad
Quinoa with Beets

Supplements and Nutrition
Information on dietary supplements
Tomatoes: store or garden grown
Beets to increase athletic performance

This is the protein powder supplement that I use, have been using for years and that I recommend. Read my Whey Protein Isolate Isoflex from Allmax review.
with 0g fat - 0g sugar - 27g Protein (30g serving, 1 scoop)

Exercise Equipment Article Reviews:
All You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Treadmill
Finding the Right Elliptical Trainer for Your Workout
7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Multi Gym
Elliptical vs Treadmill Machines
Best Gym Equipment for the Home
Stationary or Folding Treadmills
Best Elliptical Machine
Treadmills Reviews
Home Gym Equipment
Best Cardio Machines to Help You Get Fit

Custom Search

Articles and Article Reviews
Fitness and exercise, health and nutrition articles
My free article directory of exclusive, informative and quality articles written by myself and by certified personal trainers, professionals, experts covering a wide variety of topics about fitness, exercise, health and nutrition. New articles are added frequently.

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A selection of exclusive exercise, fitness and health articles and recently added articles:

Does a Calorie Equal a Calorie?
Bodyweight Exercises are Perfect for You
What Should the Proper Diet Be For Working Women
Best Upper Body Exercise and Lat Builder - Pull-ups
Weight Training Bodybuilding Tips
Weight Training: Exercise Machines vs Free Weights
Ways to Strengthen and Build Muscle - Regardless of Your Age
15 Great Reasons to do Pull-ups
How Many Steps Do You Need to Walk Each Day?
Exercising with a Swiss Ball
Benefits of Yoga for Body and Mind
Ways Society Can Encourage a Fitness Lifestyle for Everyone
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Do You Need to Use Protein Supplements When Weight Training?
Ideal, Perfect Home Gym
Numerous Benefits of Choosing to Get Breast Implants
Foods to Avoid When You Have Muscle and Joint Pain
High Intensity Weight Training
Preventing Exercise Injuries Tips
Look, Feel Great at Any Age
Rowing Machine Exercise Benefits
Exercising with Music
Targeting Glutes Exercise Workouts
5 Great Reasons to Use Creatine Supplements
How to Treat Elbow Pain
Getting Started in Yoga
Inline Skates and Exercise Benefits
Muscle Training
Bosu Ball Exercise Benefits

Exercise Requirements and Activities for Children
High Intensity Interval Training
Toning up with Yoga and Positions
Marathon Training
Isometric Training
7 Super Vitamins for Improving Memory and Concentration
5 Super Juices That Can Help to Reduce Belly Fat
Exercise During Pregnancy
Running for Your Health
Deadlift Training Tips and Powerlifting
Stretching Exercises with Foam Roller
Omega 3 - Essential Part of Your Diet
How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Factory or Assembly Line Worker

Abdominal specific exercises make up only 1 component in an exercise program. Strong abdominal muscles are essential for good posture, a healthy back, athletic performance and a great looking body. There are many and varied ab exercises to target the stomach muscles. However, to effectively and permanently lose belly fat and get 6 pack abs, ab specific exercises alone will not work! You need to focus on full-body exercises that work the abs and core area and by eating the right foods.

Body Pain & Injury Resources: - Back and spine surgery information for injuries.

Book Reviews and Excerpts:
LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

The Greek Yogurt Diet - Lose Belly Fat
Alex Jamieson: Carbohydrates and Fiber
Arnold's Bodybuilding Encyclopedia
Hot Point Fitness
Core Performance Essentials - Improve your posture, increase your strength
Lean, Long and Strong by Wini Linguvic
Body For Life for Women by Pamela Peeke
Body Intelligence: Lose Weight, Keep It Off

Exercise and Fitness Tools
Exercise Workout Sheets
Keep track of your exercise and weight training workouts
Using a Heart Rate Monitor
Teaches you how to use a monitor to calculate precisely your heart rate
Body Fat Calculators
Tools and online calculators to measure body fat 

Sports Events

2017 Toronto Marathon Run
Men's and Women's Bike Races at Pan Am Games

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